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Car seat covers Seat covers for car are a way to transform your automobile from typical to custom without spending an arm and a leg to get custom work done. They are available in a number of different colors, patterns, prints and materials to suit anyone regardless of personal style.

When selecting seat covers for your car you need to first determine whether you need a single large cover for a bench seat, or if the seats are individual bucket style and each need their own cover. Size also matters because some seats are a smaller bucket style, while larger seats, which are also known as captain’s chairs, need additional material to completely cover the seat. Covers that work for smaller coupes and sedans may not fit as well in trucks and SUVs.

Seat covers also work to keep the original fabric or leather in your vehicle in mint condition. If someone gets in your vehicle with dirty clothes or spills something while eating or drinking, it can be difficult to spot clean where the mess is. With most seat covers you can quickly and easily remove it, toss it in the washer and have it come out as good as new without dealing with the hassle of scrubbing the mess out by hand.

You can also add to the overall customization and look by adding matching accessories that are designed to match the car seat covers. These can include a steering wheel cover, floor mats to keep the salt and mud from getting on your floors, sun shades, gear shift covers and custom decals that go in your window. The possibilities of creating a theme in your vehicle that showcases your personality are endless and can be changed at any time if your tastes change. If you decide to get a different vehicle, you can take your car seat covers with you and don’t need to have the added expense of customizing that from scratch either.

Covers are a simple and cost-effective way to make your vehicle truly represent your personality. They don’t require special tools or techniques to install and the patterns can be found to suit any style.

Interesting pictures of seat covers

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How to install rear seat covers

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Leather Car Seat Covers
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Split bench, airbag compatible.
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How to Correctly Install a Car Seat

When it comes to driving with babies or small children in the car, it is important to have the correct car seat installed and to ensure that the child is properly secured in the seat itself. However, with so many different types of seats and manufacturers, knowing how to correctly install one is not always an easy task. Luckily, there are some tips you can keep in mind to ensure that you are able to install any seat correctly. This can give you the peace of mind in knowing that, in the event of a vehicle accident, children in the car will have the most protection possible.

The first and most important tip when it comes to car seat installation is to ensure that the child is in the correct car seat to begin with. After all, size and weight limits vary with each type of car seat, whether it be an infant carrier, convertible, or booster seat. Checking the owner's manual for any car seat should provide you with any height, weight, and age limits that may be in effect for the particular seat. Once the child exceeds any of these limits, it is time to purchase a new car seat.

From there, it is vital to look at the owner's manual and installation instructions specific to the car seat make and model that you have purchased. After all, no manufacturer's installation instructions will be exactly the same as another manufacturer's, so it is important to strictly follow all steps in the manual to ensure that the seat is being installed securely and properly.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that a seat should never be placed in the front seat of a vehicle. Instead, car seats should be placed behind the driver's seat and as close to the center of that row of seats as possible. This will eliminate the impact in the event of a side collision, which have proven to be the most deadly collisions when it comes to children.

Keeping this tips in mind will help you safely install your next car seat.
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